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Step into our
Farmer's Boots

Expect an authentic farm visit, including the sights and sounds of working tractors and farmers as we toil in the fields around you. We believe that growing the finest fruit results in the finest wines and ciders, so we work seven days a week to provide top-notch quality at every turn. You'll be delighted with our results.

Interested in seeing more of what we do? Visit our Pick-Your-Own and Farm Market operations while visiting the winery.

Relax with Us

Our Wine Barn is closed for the season. Ciders and wines are available for purchase year round in our Farm Market

Our Ciders

Our Wines

Pinot Blanc

Crisp and dry with tart acidity mid palette. Strongly citrus with floral notes. This is our first estate-grown grape wine. Pairs well with grilled veggies and seafood– especially a lobster roll on a hot summer day. – 12%ABV

Bubbly Blanc

A sweeter champagne-style wine that tastes refreshing — rather than syrupy– because the bubbles cleanse your palate with every sip. Strong notes of strawberries and grapefruit. Pairs wells with a light dessert course involving strawberries, white chocolate or marzipan. – 11.5% ABV

Bartlet Pair

A dry, delicate wine made from our Bartlett pears. This supple sipper grabs your nose and surprises your palate with its offering of soft pear essence. Perfect with goat cheeses, seafood and eggplant. – 12% ABV

Apple Cranberry

Aple wine married with fresh Massachuesetts cranberries. Lingering tart finish. Perfect with turkey dinner, but also stands alone well as a sipping wine.

Heirloom Apple

You’ll be surprised by the complexity in this bottle. Heirloom apples give this rich wine a honeyed nose and warm spicy flavors with a viscous mouth-feel.

Harmony Peach

A refreshing Riesling style wine created from hand-pitted peaches and aged in stainless. Delicate, light, and slightly sweet. Great with spicier foods.

Thamesview White

The acidity of estate grown Pinot Blanc is balanced with a soft residual sugar, resulting in a lovely stand-alone table wine. Also pairs well with creamy cheeses and French herbs (sage, tarragon). – 11.25% ABV


Slightly spicy with a round floral nose. Estate grown Gewurztraminer grapes.

Fruit First

Our passion for horticulture is reflected in every bottle. Five generations of Holmbergs have farmed this land and honed the art of producing the finest quality fruits that the Thames River Valley has to offer.

Our 150 acre farm currently produces over 25 varieties of apples, 2 varietals of grapes (Pinot Blanc and Gewurztraminer) along with peaches, pears, berries and other small fruits.

Wine Barn
Closed for the season

We are now closed for the season. Our wines and ciders are available for purchase year round in our Farm Market.

Don’t let the renovated exterior fool you–this building is one of the oldest on the property! The building construction and bar top are both old American Chestnut, a wood native to this area but now unavailable, as it was stripped from the landscape many years ago from over-harvest. Built in the 1850’s as a tool shed, this lovely antique building also housed our cider press from the 1950’s through the mid 1990’s.



Glass of Wine/
Can of Cider




Flight of any Four
(three ounce pours of your choice of wines or ciders)


Find the Wine Hidden Amongst the Corn


Join us for a Grown-Up Corn Maze adventure. Discover our wine and hard cider tasting stations hidden amongst the corn. Join us after the maze for our food truck and a glass of your favorite wine!

We recommend bringing a flashlight.

No outside food or beverages allowed. Coolers and bags will be inspected.

Mandatory ID check at the door. Ticket holders under 21 will not be refunded.

Maze must be completed by 8:30 pm.

We recommend bringing a flashlight.
Tickets are date-specific. For example, a ticket for the August 25 maze cannot be used any night other than August 25th. Ticket cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to event in order to be eligible for refund.

In severe weather only, the event will be postponed to our rain dates: Saturday, September 15 or Friday, September 21. Tickets for cancelled date will not be refunded, but automatically transfered to designated rain date. Ticket holders will be notified by email.

Strictly 21+ event

About Our Winery

Holmberg Orchards currently produces both grape and fruit wines, as well as hard ciders on-site in our farm winery. Our sparkling hard ciders are made in the English tradition: light, fresh and fruit forward. The fruit wines are crisp, clean and surprisingly sophisticated. Unlike traditional syrupy fruit wines, our off-dry fruit wines range from 0-4% residual sugar. Leave your expectations at the door!

Our vineyard currently consists of both Pinot Blanc (planted in 2010) and Gewurztraminer (planted in 2014) grapes. The Connecticut coast offers a climate well suited for the Alsatian whites; this also includes varietals such as Riesling, Muscat and the Pinots. We are continuously planting and adding acreage as our crop rotation allows, so look forward to more fine wines from the Holmberg Winery.



Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted outside your vehicle. This violates our GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification for health and sanitation on the farm.


Absolutely. The farm is a great place for supervised children to learn about local food production and tire themselves out! However, they are prohibited from tasting any alcoholic beverage on farm property.


The grounds are level, but are grass and gravel. There are two small steps at the entrance of our tasting room, and a custom drop-in ramp available for anyone who prefers that option.


Yes! We planted our first several acres of Pinot Blanc grapes in 2010, and added Gewurztraminer in 2014. Look for more varieties in the future: we are always planting and adding acreage as our crop rotation allows.


Short answer: We make our ciders in the English tradition, which produce a beverage with a maximum alcohol by volume (ABV) of 7-8%. This is slightly stronger than beer.

Long answer: Alcohol content is determined by how much sugar is in the fruit before crushing or pressing. The yeast used during fermentation consumes the sugars and output alcohol. This means that fruits with higher sugar content will produce a stronger beverage. Grapes will naturally ferment to between 10-16% ABV, depending on the variety of grape. Apples only contain enough natural sugar to ferment 7-8% ABV. The English tradition of making cider is simply to ferment the juice until the sugars are all consumed. Colonial ciders were an improvised version of this process, and were often fermented in old whiskey barrels with molasses and raisins. These additions increased the overall sugar content and produced a stronger end-product. In New England, “hard cider” is usually thought of as this style of fermentation, and is a much stronger product.

Okay, so how do you make apple wine?

We add sugar to the juice during the fermentation process, mimicking the higher sugar content of a grape. This creates a stronger, but drier, end-product.


We have about 50 in production. 3 acres is in vineyard (with more to be added in coming years). Apples make up about 35 acres, and the remaining 13 is in peaches, pears, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, tomatoes and various other crops.


We began selling our wines and ciders in late 2007. The production of wine began in 2006.


We produce about 3500 gallons annually. We produce about 1500 gallons of wine and 1500-2000 gallons of hard ciders.


The product is called “Poire Prisonniere” and is made by Westford Hill Distillers in Ashford, CT. We grow the pear into the bottle for them! We cannot sell this product at our farm; it is a distilled spirit and is not allowed under our liquor license. Check for a list of liquor stores that carry it, and a full explanation of how we grow it.