Our Story

tractorThe Holmberg Winery was dreamt up by Russell Holmberg while studying for his degree in Horticulture at the University of Connecticut. He was planning on returning to the family farm after graduation, already in its 4th generation. A friendship and mentorship formed between himself and an organic chemistry professor who was invested in hobby winemaking. Russell helped maintain the vineyard site for his mentor, who in turn taught him the ins and outs of making wine. After graduation, Russell returned home with an enthusiasm to continue working with grape vines along with the Holmberg drive to pursue excellence.


Holmberg Orchards & Winery
has a long history of agricultural integrity with every generation.


hilary historySwedish immigrants Adolph and Hulda Holmberg establish the farm as a truck farm growing vegetables and bedding plants and quickly became well-known for its high quality crops.




holmberg historyBrothers Henry and Harold Holmberg purchase the farm from their mother. By now, the farm is also a large egg producer. You’ll see a nod to this history on our Vidal Blanc label.



The first orchards are planted. Our first planting was entirely Baldwin apples, but the hurricane of 1938 took down many trees, and the planting that followed was much more diversified. This is when Macintosh apples began to boom in New England!
Eggs and apples were both performing strongly as agricultural commodities. 2nd generation Harold also ran a small boat livery off the Poquetanuck Cove, the outlet of the Thames River that our farm abuts.  We remember Harold’s love of fishing and the water with our Thames River White label.
3rd generation Richard, along with his wife Diane, return to the farm. Richard greatly expands Pick-Your-Own and solidly unifies the Farm Market and orchard, which were previously running as separate entities. Rick continues to modernize orchard operations through the 1990s.
Amy Holmberg, 4th generation, returns to the farm. She greatly expands the local and specialty food offerings in the Farm Market. She currently oversees daily retail operations and marketing.
Russell Holmberg arrives home with his wife Christine in 2004 and begins wine production in 2006. In addition to the creation and maintenance of the winery, Russell is a leader in modern techniques for fruit tree production, and has represented US Apples in Washington DC and was a Top Ten finalist in the National Outstanding Young Farmers Competition. Russell is a driving force behind the expansion of Pick-Your-Own and the “idea guy” at Holmberg Orchards & Winery.
3rd and 4th generation Holmbergs work together to continue our family tradition.