White Wines

tractorPinot Blanc

Crisp and dry with tart acidity mid palette. Strongly citrus with floral notes. This is our first estate-grown grape wine. Pairs well with grilled veggies and seafood– especially a lobster roll on a hot summer day. 12% ABV


chicken iconBubbly Blanc

A sweeter champagne-style wine that tastes refreshing — rather than syrupy– because the bubbles cleanse your palate with every sip. Strong notes of strawberries and grapefruit. Pairs wells with a light dessert course involving strawberries, white chocolate or marzipan. 11.5% ABV

Thamesview White

The acidity of estate grown Pinot Blanc is balanced with a soft residual sugar, resulting in a lovely stand-alone table wine. Also pairs well with creamy cheeses and French herbs (sage, tarragon). 11.25% ABV

Fruit Wines

pear-iconBartlett Pear Wine

A dry, delicate wine made from our Bartlett pears. This supple sipper grabs your nose and surprises your palate with its offering of soft pear essence. Perfect with goat cheeses, seafood and eggplant. 12% ABV

apple iconHeirloom Apple Wine

You’ll be surprised by the complexity founds in this bottle. Heirloom apples give this rich wine a honeyed nose and warm spicy flavors with a viscous mouth-feel. Pairs with food well, especially pork and chicken and cheeses (especially cheddar). Double Gold, Best in Show – Eastern International Wine Competition 2008 11.5% ABV

fenceApple Cranberry Wine

A sweet tart delight: tart cranberry nose, sweet apple on the tip of the tongue and a lingering tart cranberry finish. Perfect with turkey dinner, but also stands alone well as a sipping wine.

peach iconHarmony Peach Wine

A refreshing Riesling style wine created from hand-pitted peaches and aged in stainless. Delicate, light, and slightly sweet. Great with spicier foods, such as Thai or Caribbean Jerk chicken. 10% ABV



English Style Sparkling Hard Ciders

apple icon

MacIntosh Hard Cider

Made only from New England’s quintessential fruit, the MacIntosh apple. Sweet and very smooth, this one is meant for true apple-lovers! 5% ABV

apple iconHard Cider

Our traditional blend of heirloom apples.